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I’ve written about the impact that online physician ratings are having on healthcare providers.  The ability for patients to comment on their interactions with physicians through a channel that the whole world can see is a significant shift in power toward the consumer in today’s healthcare economy.

It is wise for healthcare providers, including physicians, to check up on their online reputations to ensure that even if they can’t control what is said about them on the web, at least they’ll know about it.  This post  on’s White Coat Notes speaks to the importance of self-keyworded Google searches by physicians in order to play active defense in the protection of their online reputations.

“There may be slanderous information about a physician on the Web, published in a blog or on a Web page, by a vengeful patient, colleague, or ex-lover,” Dr. Tristan Gorrindo and Dr. James E. Groves write in the Journal of the American Medical Association. “Equally vexing, there may be slanderous information published about someone with the same name as an unlucky physician.”