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You’ve probably heard the adage, “there’s no such thing as bad press.”  I actually disagree with this statement (contact me offline for some really good examples of bad press being bad press), and think the adage should say, “free press is the best press.”

Free press enters the consumer’s mind as information, education and value – contrasted with advertising which enters the consumer brain with an asterisk that states something like, “great ad, but I wonder what the real story is…”

A client of ours, Pelvic Wellness Center, opened in Eugene, OR last week…and talk about free press.  The practice owners, Judy Hoar, PT, and Shannon Forrestall, PT have done an absolutely fantastic job of getting their name out there, and as you can see from this news clip from KVAL, even the newscaster is surprised at how quickly they are getting in front of a camera.

Kudos to Judy, Shannon, and Pelvic Wellness Center – readers take note…it’s just that easy (at least it can be).

The Pelvic Wellness Center is located at 295 W. Broadway, Eugene, OR 97401, and can be reached at (541) 515-6215.