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I wrote this article for the April 2008 issue Impact magazine, a professional journal that is read by owners of private practice physical therapy clinics throughout the U.S.  The information is applicable to all types of healthcare practices with regard to choosing a practice management software package that is the right fit.

We all know that practice management software is here to stay. And while this is the case, there are still challenges associated with the use of management software in today’s physical therapy practices. It is not inexpensive to implement a comprehensive software or service, and practice owners can be left with a feeling of buyer’s remorse if expectations are not fully met.

Having a clear understanding of the benefits and exactly how they will affect your practice is of paramount importance when choosing practice management software or service that is right for you.

This article will focus on (1) the benefits of using practice management software, (2) a process that can help determine if a software or service is right for your practice, and (3) recommendations to consider in your personal pursuit of the right practice management solution for your facility.