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The iPhone is a great invention.  My brother-in-law, Preston was one of the earliest adopters of the device, and I spent most of my Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday draining his iPhone battery while watching YouTube videos.  I have a Treo 700wx, and still prefer it to the iPhone in some ways (especially in regard to networking with our server), but the iPhone does have a huge advantage over other smartphones in that the internet really is the internet.  Not scaled back, just smaller and more mobile.

In this post from the Independent Urologist, we are introduced to a great use of the iPhone to improve the efficiency of private practice through mobile e-Prescribing.  I just love to see technology in action…

…I was in the OR today and forgot my Rx pads. I did several cases on patients, all of whom had different pharmacies and I had have to call in some scripts for them. Now with hold times and phone trees and formulary related call backs etc, calling in prescriptions to pharmacies can be a royal pain and not something that I relish. Instead, I asked to borrow my friend Mike’s i-Phone. With it, I logged onto my e-RX network, located my patients’ profiles, selected the meds and doses from drop down menus, selected their pharmacies, hit approve all and voila’, done.