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RN Central has identified 20 ways in which Wal-Mart will affect healthcare throughout the US (…and I thought 7 ways was a lot).  Wal-Mart has had a significant impact on a few other industries (retail, pharmaceuticals, to name a couple) so why would we expect their impact on healthcare through retail health clinics to be any different?

Big-box behemoth Wal-Mart has ventured into the healthcare realm, offering low-cost, walk-in clinics in more and more of its stores every day. Although Wal-Mart medicine may not sound like a great idea at first, these clinics can bring good changes to the health care industry, like insurance-free care, eased emergency rooms, and more widespread treatments. Of course, the plan is not without its drawbacks, creating a “Wal-Mart effect” on small practitioners, as well as a race to the bottom. Here, we’ll take a good look at some of the implications you might not have thought about.