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In recent years, private practices within the healthcare industry are seeing more and more appeal to the “consumer” rather than the “patient.”  This shift is likely due, in part to a number of influences; (1) increasing competition among private practice facilities require differentiation through overall quality of experience, rather than solely on clinical outcomes, (2) increasing co-pays required by patients at the time of service cause patients to be selective about where they spend their money, and (3) there are many consumer-based services and products within the healthcare industry that can command a premium (teeth whitening by dentists, for example).

Here is an example of a dental office in Central Ohio that is making the appeal to the healthcare consumer through comfort, fun, and technology.  I would go here…wouldn’t you?

Infinite Smiles’ interior features a spacious 7,800-square-foot floor plan with a warm, inviting décor, 20-foot ceilings with changing LED lights, fiber optic panels in patient waiting areas representing sunrise, sunset and a starry night, color corrected lighting throughout the office to simulate daylight to allow for optimal color matching, a patient juice and coffee bar, two stone-faced fireplaces, a 1,001-gallon saltwater aquarium, blankets and flat panel televisions positioned throughout the facility.

Established patients also are welcome to use the fully-equipped combination study and den complete with plush leather chairs, flat panel TVs, phones, faxes and e-mail access.

“Our customer-centered approach is designed to continually evolve over time. When better procedures or new technologies surface that will help our patients, they will be integrated into our practice. This will help Infinite Smiles remain one of the most advanced dental facilities in the nation,” said Dr. Patel.

Daycare for patients’ children is one example of services that will be offered in 2008 to make it easier for parents to receive dental care. Patients can even borrow umbrellas in the event of rain.