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I’ve found that along with anything that can be used to create good in life also comes the ability for someone to create bad.  Examples of this are abundant in the areas of the Internet, medicines, politics, and on an on.  Entrepreneurship is no different, and while the innovation and passion that accompanies entrepreneurs likely holds the key to improving our healthcare system, many will use (and have used) this same characteristic for personal gain that does not have a positive impact on the healthcare system.

This article from “Repairing the Healthcare System” discusses one viewpoint on this topic, and suggests that there are definite challenges associated with maintaining an ethical approach to entrepreneurship in the healthcare industry.

The healthcare insurance industry has been entrepreneurial in taking advantage of the leverage it has in negotiating physician fees and healthcare insurance premiums. They are trying to figure out how to appease the consumer without losing any of their power.

Some physicians have left the traditional healthcare system and opened concierge practices. Some physicians have been entrepreneurs in opening preventive health clinics and spas that have attracted wealthy patients to get fit. Most add no value to the care of patients in my view.

On close inspection none of these entrepreneurial ventures have been undertaken for the public good even though they have discovered patterns in society that lead to successful business undertakings.