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You’ve probably heard the adage, “no margin, no mission.”  This applies to many facets of business, and this article from Dental Economics explains how it applies to the dental profession.  If dental practices don’t manage their operations well enough to provide a healthy bottom line, there won’t be any way to help patients in the first place.

I see so many dentists spend an incredible amount of time and money improving their clinical skills, which is always important and necessary, but these highly trained dentists come back to their offices with the same practice management problems they left with. They’re now able to offer incredible dentistry to patients, but there are no takers. Patients don’t respond only to clinical skills. In fact, most patients cannot differentiate between a dentist who has taken 1,000 hours of continuing education in the past year and a dentist who has taken only 20. If you don’t equally advance your practice management skills along with your clinical training, your dental practice will not grow.